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The Babor Skinovage Calming series with six innovative products focuses on sensitive skin and with the weather getting colder sensitive skin protests even more. Many people suffer from annoying skin reactions due to personal lifestyle but also due to environmental factors. Babor uses an extract of a fungus (!) called the Albatellus Ovinus very effectively reduces irritations, redness, prickliness and blotchiness while giving the skin the right ingredients that are known to counteract visible effects of aging skin. I looked it up online and indeed it’s proven that this fungus actively acts against skin irritations.

There are two types of serum, one for sensitive skin and one for extremely sensitive skin (the bi-phase serum). Then there’s an eye cream, two types of creams and a moisturising and smoothing mask with lots of hyaluronic acid and pullulan. The great thing of this series is that you can pick and choose, there’s not just a “one fits all” formula because some of us need richer creams and others, with a combination skin for example, need something much lighter. Babor caters to all but with this line makes sure that we can say goodbye to redness and irritations.

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