Epic hair with Noir Stockholm… If you buy ONE product this month, let it be the one that gives you EPIC HAIR

Dear Frenchonista’s,

When days are dark and cold, our hair is continuously put to the test. The effect of anything we wear or put on our face is cancelled by lacklustre hair. So our tip is to let it shine. Wear a simple outfit, subtle make-up and jewellery but be sure to show Epic hair! Noir Stockholm is just the brand. The Epic Retreat line (shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask) is lightweight but gives our hair everything it needs. Noir Stockholm has selected biological oils (camelia, argan nut and macademia nut), pinot noir grape pit extract and sea moss. Another reason why this line is our favorite is the subtle build-up of scents. Nothing feels so wonderful as shaking your head and getting a whiff of a bouquet with notes of Sicilian lemon, raspberry, arabian jasmine, orange blossom, patchouli, white cederwood, musk and vanilla.
Pure Bliss.


xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista






Some of the Noir Salons The Netherlands

This is Happening
Haarlemmerdijk 40/42
‪1013JD Amsterdam‬
Instagram: @thisishappeningamsterdam

Shampoo Planet
‪Passeerdersstraat 45‬
‪1016 XB Amsterdam‬

Het Haartheater Centrum
‪Weteringschans 140‬
‪1017 XV Amsterdam ‬

Het Haartheater Oud Zuid
‪Willemsparkweg 168‬
‪1071 HT Amsterdam‬

Frisco Hairstudio
‪Cornelis Anthoniszstraat 40‬
‪1071 VW Amsterdam‬
‪Instagram: @jacqyo & @hairbyheleen‬

Het Haartheater Uptown
‪Beethovenstraat 96‬
‪1077 JN Amsterdam‬

Rikit Hair Amsterdam
Jan ‪Olphert Vaillantlaan 57‬
‪1086 XZ Amsterdam‬

Hair in Progress
‪Huizerweg 118‬
‪1402 AJ Bussum‬

De Kapper
‪Oesterstraat 8 ‬
‪1794 AR Oosterend Texel‬

A&P Kappers
‪Burgemeester Mooijstraat 13‬
‪1901 EP Castricum‬

Haar ’n Zo
‪Harmenjansweg 5Z ‬
‪2011 AZ Haarlem‬

Hair and Dare
‪Maarten Kruytstraat 28‬
‪2202 GX Noordwijk‬

Peter Brouwer Hair
‪Bergweg 166‬
‪3036 BK Rotterdam‬

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