Guerlain Terracotta, ma première passion

Dear Frenchonista’s,

Never will I forget my first handbag, my make-up table, my first bronzing powder: Terracotta by Guerlain. I loved the subtle way I felt it transformed my face from a girl’s to a woman’s. The memory came back to me when I came upon Guerlain’s new Terracotta line: Terracotta Light.

Terracotta light is made of a very light type of powder and as you will notice the blend of colours (6 shades of blends are available so be sure to find the one right for your skin tone!) is perfect and very natural looking. I love the fact that the terracotta also contains a cocktail of active ingredients to keep my face looking hydrated and feeling energised and protect it from pollution.

While testing it and looking in the mirror I thought: I have grown up and Guerlain has too. But I am still me and Guerlain will always be Guerlain.

xoxo Samia


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