Things you want to Avoyd….

Dear Frenchonista’s,

Gals and guys (!) who love to appear groomed at all times but suffer from irritations like bumps and ingrown hairs? Stop worrying right now and go get some Avoyd Original. It’s a simple roller to use before and after shaving and it really works. The great thing is that it works on all parts of the body and that you can use it also for mild breakouts.

And while you’re at it, get their Rub ‘n Scrub as well, because it’s an enzymatic scrub and enzymes work wonders with breaking down the keratin protein (or rather; dead skin cells) from the top layer of your skin. Enzymes are much less aggressive than very grainy scrubs and indeed Rub ‘n Scrub has grains so fine that you almost wonder if it will work! But, oh yes Baby, it works! It leaves your skin feeling so fresh and free of dead skin, already liberated from ingrowing hairs or razor burn by using the Avoyd Original roller.

Check out the whole line here (it all smells divine, by the way!)

Nats & Liza for Frenchonista


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