1st Give-Away worth 185 euros!: WEAR FOR LOVE

Dear Frenchonista’s,

The 3rd week of October, Frenchonista will celebrate its first anniversary!! We want to celebrate this special event, of course, so there will be several AMAZING give-aways!
Share this link on your Facebook page and explain on this blog why you deserve to be the winner.
We will read all of them and we’ll select the winner.

First you need to like Wear for Love Facebook page.


It will last 1 week! so to your Facebook!!!

XoXo Samia



Navajo Dress Orange 64,95 euros

Eva’s Clutch 119,95 euros

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  • Neetu Mohan says:

    I deserve to be a winner,beceause i realy love your clutches en the dresses from Wear For Love.And its my favourite colore orange:)

  • Araza Loulay says:

    The women behind Araza Loulay is inspired bye Marrakech The red city…..frenchonista/Samia and her clutch creations too. THE dress is so Indiana/ morrocan style….This is à Great outfit for à weekend go out in Marrakech! Widad Diouri

  • Asmae Mahfoud says:

    Happy birthday to your blog, & I hope I will win 😉
    I love the design very unique and elegant. I already imagine myself wearing it 😉

  • Tinna D says:

    …because this looks like a perfect start to love what I’m wearing and I’ll wear it for love…

  • Vief Vissers says:

    Congrets with the first anniversary!
    Ofcorse I already was a fan of your nice page.
    This dress and clutch will realy fit me. I think it will be my outfit for the opening op my own practice as medium & energetic therapist. It will give me a great start!
    (pfff dat valt nog niet mee op z’n engels 😉 Maar ik bedoel dus gefeliciteerd en ik wil dit setjes heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel graag als outfit voor de opening van mijn eigen praktijk als energetisch therapeut en medium. Voor een mooie, feestelijke en flitsende start!

  • Tessa Droge says:

    What a lovely dress and nice color. It’s for my the perfect dress because in november I have a red dress day party so I like!!

  • Lis Poorte says:

    I should win the Navajo Dress because I think it’s an AMAZING dress & on the 12th of october I have a wedding. The Navajo Dress is perfect to wear to the wedding!

  • claudia says:

    This is a lovely dress!
    I dont have any red items yet, so hope i am lucky!!!

  • Ike says:

    Congratulations! I like & love your blog! It’s great to read it. I love this pretty dress and I like you facebook & the facebookpage from wear for love. I love to wear a orange dress…. the one so pretty as this http://www.wearforlove.nl/jurken/397-navajo-dress-orange.html
    I will love to wear size L if I will win!
    My fb: https://www.facebook.com/homemadepicturemania.saononac
    My blog: http://ilovefashionandmakingpictures.blogspot.nl/

    My best regards!

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