28 bridges to our heart

Dear Frenchonista’s,

the best thing Samia has done this month? Definitely visiting the new Sweets hotel!

The Sweets hotel is a totally unprecedented way of experiencing Amsterdam. Every other bridge in Amsterdam has a little house in which a bridge controller used to be stationed just to open and close the bridges for passing boats. Now that bridges can be controlled from a central control system, many of these tiny houses have lost their once so important function. Every single bridge house is unique and often designed by a famous architect. Now they have been transformed into independent hotel suites by a dedicated team of architects and designers. The oldest one dates from 1673 and is located on the sluices across from Carre’.

We could talk about this project for hours but essentially staying in this hotel is the most amazing way to experience the city of canals. The wide views over the waters, the closeness to Amsterdam heritage and daily life, the intimate design…not to mention the mobile key system that allows you to check in and out without interfacing with an actual desk…it’s all absolutely brilliant.

“The city itself becomes the lobby”, New York Times magazine wrote. On www.sweetshotel.amsterdam you can read all about the history of the bridge houses and directly book one of the first 11 bridge house suites that make Amsterdam even more special than it already is.

Pass this on to anyone who is planning to Amsterdam or plan to wake up in one yourself! Samia’s favourite so far is suite #308 on the Kinkerbrug.

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista












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