2nd Giveaway worth 555 euros! Yes Yes Yes!

The woman who commented on all the items is CHARLOTTE CHAMPION

She is the WINNER!!! CONGRATS!!!!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

Time for the second Giveaway!

1) NIGHTCAP CLOTHING Cat Tease Maxi Charcoal Rib
Price: 315 Euros

2) Autumn earrings I AM ZU
Price: 49,95 Euros

3) Falke Women Tights
Price: 60 Euros

4) No7 Stay Perfect Smoothing Eye Shadow
Price: 10,95 Euros

5) Frenchonista Clutch “Angeline” Red Orange
Price: 119, 95 Euros

Well all you need to do is to like each of the facebook pages below.
AND Comment on this blog why you should be the winner!?


And Of Course don’t forget to Share!!!

XoXo Frenchonista

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  • Katja says:

    This is just the look that every woman needs to Have in her wardrobe… I would feel confident, stylish, fashionable, feminine and beautiful in this outfit. An amazing GIVEAWAY Samia!


  • Charlotte Champion says:

    This is an amazing giveaway! I’m not one to easily participate in giveaways but this one, YES!

    Why I would like to win: I have a date night coming up soon and I would love to wear the Nightcap dress, paired with a pair of Falke tights to keep me nice and warm in the Dutch weather. Then I’d do my makeup with the No7 eyeshadow so my eyes look really pretty (and stay that way too!). To stand out I’d wear the AZU earrings, they’ll surely draw a lot of attention. And to top it off, I’d wear the lovely Frenchonista angeline clutch to keep in my makeup, flats, keys and phone 🙂

    Perfect date night if you ask me! (And surely to leave and impression)


  • Lisette voor de Poorte says:

    What an Amazing 2nd Giveaway… Love every item!!!
    I should be THE winner just because i’m worth it!

  • Nathalie Bosman says:

    Halleluja ! Feel like a woman ♥ in the NIGHTCAP CLOTHING Cat Tease Maxi Charcoal Rib ♥

  • Cauwenbergh Chris says:

    Wow, this one is just too beautiful to be true. All pages as mentioned above liked. Great sites by the way.

  • Von Luca says:

    I justlove these goodies so much, what an awsum give-away! And why i should win?, well listen up; many poeple think when you’re over 40 you’re done with fashion and beauty. Just be a housewife and take care of your children is what they expect you to do..but hey come on, life’s not over! Yes i have two little kids, but that doesn’t mean i dont love fashion and make up anymore!!! I want to be pretty still, and therefore i want to win this giveaway, and i really hope you think the same! hahaha, Life is beautiful, live it your own way!!! (btw i like all the above facebooksites) greetings, Von

  • Rosalie (Ruzica) says:

    Oe la la!! Total fab package for a nice date with my hubby: bella IAMZU feathers, check! classy frenchionista clutch, check! Low back cut out dress to impress from Nightcap (think we need a cabbb) check! And do not forget the Falkes (the classy one) checkidicheck! Trinny & Suzannah not needed with this package :-)!!

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