Dear Frenchonistas,

Are you looking for an ideal gift for someone special, or for yourself (we need to indulge ourselves as much as possible, right?), and do you want to be sure your gift is personal and one of a kind, but still affordable? Look no further!

4EVERWITHEVERYONE has a great webshop on which you can order the cutest handmade charm bracelets in all kinds of styles and colors. Not one bracelet is exactly the same and you can select as many as you like to create a set in your own personal style. The materials the bracelets and charms are made of are innovative and carefully handpicked. The jewelry just exudes fun and happiness and if you prefer classic and sober styles, you can definitely find those in the shop as well. As the brand name suggests, there really is something for Everyone. And did I mention the webshop is replenished every week and there’s always new stuff to choose from? And that you can personalize even more by adding charms, colors and names?

Behind the brand is the gorgeous and talented Kae Sutherland. You can see her on the picture with Carolien Spoor at my Frenchonista launch party last June. She made sure all my VIPs had a personalized set of charm bracelets and we love her for that! Kae is 18 years old and from what started as a hobby has already developed a successful jewelry brand!

We at Frenchonista are very excited about how easy it is to add one (or tons!) of her bracelets as a personalized touch to any outfit in any season.

Want to see more? Take a look at the website and the Facebook page, for all the latest models and news.


XoXo Frenchonista.
Text By Liza Brouwer

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