About me

Frenchonista is founded by Samia Taika who was raised in France and is currently located in Amsterdam.
Samia started her Blog before her brand 6 years ago. The blog is aimed to share brands Samia uses and she likes to advise her readers about them. Blogpost vary from Fashion to beauty, lifestyle, hotspots and much more.
Samia distinguishes herself from the young street style bloggers by writing also for readers around and over 40. Although the blog is still young and up to date, many readers in a higher age group follow her because they recognise themselves in the posts she and her writer Liza Brouwer present.
Frenchonista In Amsterdam as a brand as well as the Blog combines the French flavour with Samia’s Moroccan heritage, where the leather is gorgeous and the colours of the culture are vibrant.
The bags from the Frenchonista collection are inspired and designed for the elegant and powerful woman, and each are named after just such women who have inspired her. They give each clutch a personal touch and an original story.
Her collections have already made it to red carpet when worn by several Dutch celebrities such as Beertje van Beers, Ovo Drenth, Miryanna Van Reeden, Coosje Smid and Caroline Spoor.
Frenchonista clutches are the perfect accessory for the modern day city women. They complete their wardrobes on every occasion, from office to restaurant, from daytime lunch to after work drinks.