Active Make-Up! Finally!!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

Filorga has always gotten our full respect on their products because they develop their products with full expertise of aesthetic medicine. Their skin care products are top notch.

That’s why the news that they launched a line that is a hybrid of skin care and make-up is really exciting because in theory we would want our skin care products to make to make us look prettier today, right away. The products of the Flash Care line all give gorgeous immediate results and reviews all over the industry are absolutely raving on the primers and the Flash Nude foundations. The added benefit of skin improvement over time is really revolutionary. Thanks to Filorga ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen and various antioxidants have finally found their way in make-up.

Samia tested the 3 step solution; the Express Smoothing Active Primer blurs and lifts instantly and can also be used as a touch-up during the day. Alternatively you can use the Pore-Express for blur and matte effect if you have more oily skin.
The Flash-Nude Fluid instantly delivers a flawless bare skin effect. The beauty is that it’s a really breathable product. It doesn’t have the heaviness and papery finish that foundations tend to have and you can obviously decide how much of the product you apply. It’s available in 3 tones. Filorga told us that they are also working on expanding the Flash Care line with products for darker skin.

And then the powder. I personally can’t do without a good translucent powder (the joys of oily/combination skin) and I am always looking out for a good one. For me the quest for the best translucent powder is like the search for the best mascara, or for the perfect pair of jeans. Filorga Flash-Nude Poudre is the first powder I see that works instantly but also promises to actively combats large pores and improves radiance and smoothness on the long run, so that’s the one I myself am testing. Too early to talk about “the long run” promises, but the instant effect is, indeed, exactly what I need. We will keep you informed as the weeks of testing go by!

Test and get Filorga at ICI Paris!

Xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista



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