Aeternum by Pier Augé

Dear Frenchonista’s,

The Pier Augé brand was founded in 1961 by Pier Augé himself. He was a pharmacist who was driven by the love for his wife (who had very sensitive skin) to develop products that give back to the skin what belongs to it.
His already famous method is patented as the Dergyl©-method which means all his products have 8 active ingredients: Hydration (DH3 complex) , Protein (amino peptide complex), Lipids (evening primrose oil, camelia oil and shea butter) and Vitamins & Mineral Salts (Vitamin E). We have a very good experience with their Cucumber Hydrating treatment (our writer is using it as a day cream this season because it’s great for hydration without leaving a greasy finish to the skin) and Samia got introduced to the amazing Aeternum, the infinite youth treatment.

Aeternum is a wonderful cream for the mature skin that on top of the 8 active ingredients also contains seaweed and reishi red. Reishi red is a Chinese mushroom that prevents the skin from aging prematurely and unnaturally due to elements like lifestyle, food but also stress. The beauty is that, like Samia, you can expect a noticeable effect on smoothness and elasticity already within less than two weeks. Everything about this cream feels like absolute luxury. Tip: Invest in this cream and when applying, make sure to do at least the minimum of face massage. It really wakes up your skin in the morning and causes all the active ingredients to work even faster!

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