Dear Frenchonistas,

It has been a while since I Blogged about a brand I simply LOVE!
I thought I would do more posts like this cause I received few emails from readers who told me that they trust my taste. And I never write about Brands I did not try myself.
So let me just say or write in that case….ALBERTO FERMANI!!!
I Discovered this brand few years ago. My best Friend is selling their shoes in her shop in Rouen France.
I have myself 2 pairs. They are Chic, Elegant and Comfortable!
It can be an investment for some people but let me just say that it is worth the price!
I still have my shoes and they are in perfect condition! I am planning to keep them for many more years to come!

When I visited Press Only PR last year and I saw they represent ALBERTO FERMANI. My eyes got immediately bigger!
I saw a great pair of boots……wish I could have those on my feet!



Oh! And I fell in love with their last Photoshoot! Amazing Pictures!!!!

What do you think??

XoXo Frenchonista in Amsterdam

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