Ana Alcazar makes women happy!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

More and more I am fond of the semi-nonchalant classic Parisian style: for instance well-fitting jeans with an elegant blazer over a white top, completed with a leather stylish bag, and some simple but classy jewelry.

Luckily I have Samia to stir up my more colourful exuberant side once in a while. The other day she selected two fantastic tops for me, both by Ana Alcazar. Beautiful prints, great shapes. Just looking at them makes me very happy. And apparently I am not the only one, judging by the compliments I receive when wearing them. It reminds me that it is good to have your own style, but not a bad idea to listen to someone else once in a while!

xoxo Janine Sloof for Frenchonista

Pictures from one other sweetest blogger we know.





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