Dear Frenchonista’s

Mugler is enticing you to return to the source of femininity and release your ‘animal instinct’ with his new fragrance, ‘Aura Mugler’. Thierry Mugler has created this exquisite scent to enhance women’s powerful instincts. It embodies the spirit of women who love life.

The scent is oriental, botanical and carnal. It is combined with Tiger Liana, a Chinese medicinal plant used for the heart and contributes to the equilibrium of the body. Its scent, sensual and exquisite. Rhubarb leaf, tangy and sparkly. Orange blossom, deliciously feminine.

Presented in nothing less than an ‘Objet D’Art’ you are drawn by the textured, emerald-green glass heart set in a metal M epitomising the simplicity of decorative art. It’s provocative, it says “Touch Me”.

xoxox Nats for Frenchonista



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