AVEDA, The Make-up line Fõklôr

Dear Frenchonista’s,

AVEDA products have always been high on my list. They are real pioneers when it comes to healthy organic hair and skin care. Long before many brands took the path to ‘green’ products, AVEDA had already made it their mission to only use natural ingredients. Still, over the years, I somehow lost sight of them. Probably because so many interesting green brands popped up and of course I always like to try something new.

Until lately, when I discovered AVEDA’s new make-up line Fõklôr, and wow, do I love it! The talc free petal essence eyeshades are my favourites; the colours are just beautiful and intense, and they all combine amazingly well. Again AVEDA proofs to be a great leader in the field of organic beauty products. I am hooked, again.

xoxo Janine Sloof for Frenchonista

Fōlklôr herfstwinter 2016 make-upcollectie

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