Barts = Amsterdam

Dear Frenchonista’s,

I’ve been buying Barts scarves and beanies for my little one since years but this winter…oh THIS winter, I almost hope it will be super cold because both Samia and myself, as well as so many other Amsterdammers with us, are discovering the collection for grown-ups and it totally rocks!

Barts totally represents Amsterdam, where boys and girls and men and women cycle around in any kind of weather while still looking cool. So what should be on your wish list for this winter? Beanies, obviously, but why also not ear muffs, shoppers and backpacks of faux fur that make you want to use them as pillows…colourful hairy mitts….all the fashion of this winter and so many places in our beloved city where they are for sale!

On you can drool over the new Fall & Winter collection, check whether your Insta Barts pic is on their website and order all the goodies before the first icy wind will hit your face. Samia and I started our collection with with a brand new beanie and a classy cap 🙂

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista









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