Be my Valentine…Right on Time!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

It’s January and after January comes…? Yep, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and as you might know, SWATCH makes a Valentine’s watch every year. This year it is called ‘A la Folie”. It’s white and pink and behind the heart you can see the inside of the clock; very symbolic because true love should be without secrets and out in the open, for everyone to see!

The strap of the watch is scented with vanilla and all this sweetness is packed in a pink ball with a white heart in the middle. If you look closely, the white heart is actually a window, behind which the heart is revealed. The message is clear: I give you this watch because I’m crazy about you and I want everyone to know!

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista

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