Beertje Van Beers- My Frenchonista Rose

Dear Frenchonista’s,

As you have been able to see, this is my week of expressing the love and gratitude I feel for Frenchonista’s nearest and dearest. Now the second surprise, for another much loved Frenchonista angel is ready as well (thank you, Clement Dezelus)!

I doubt that Beertje van Beers needs any introduction at all, but for those who are living outside of the Netherlands, I will do the honors. Not only is she a well known writer and a famous presenter, she’s also a fashion icon, gorgeous woman and one of my most active and enthusiastic ambassadors over the last year. I designed a gorgeous (and may I add very practical) clutch in her name, and her opinion means the world to me. When we met, we clicked instantly and, just as with Carolien, I feel super blessed to have her in my life and in my business. Don’t forget I am an expat and while many complain about the coldness of the Nordic cultures, I have been embraced with warmth by people who owed me absolutely nothing.

Beertje, my Frenchonista Rose, with this illustration, that captures your beauty, your humor and your intelligence, I’m letting you know: I love you and I hope you’ll remain a part of the Frenchonista family for ever and ever! I can’t even imagine what Frenchonista would have looked like without you and I will never forget all you did for me.


(text editing by Liza Brouwer)

Illustration: Clement Dezelus

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