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Dear Frenchonista’s,
“The Japanese skincare ritual isn’t about overnight transformations or aggressive treatments. It’s about consistency and mindful, joyful and indulgent moments of caring for your skin every day. The beauty of a Japanese skincare routine lies in its simplicity. Instead of a ten-step approach, J-beauty favours fewer products with key ingredients — just a few high-performance quality products in streamlined steps, morning and evening.” 

This is what Sterre Rose writes after which she continues to explain the 4 simple steps of the J-Beauty routine: Purify, Plump, Heal and Nourish. Since Sterrerosebeauty has arrived in the Netherlands we from Frenchonista have been testing her J-Beauty products and routine to match. Sterre Rose’s online beauty shop and beauty ritual stories explained with love and care have already made me add one simple step in my beauty routine: After washing my face I now don’t rub my skin anymore but pat it dry. It’s oh so simple but it immediately adds a gesture of love to how we care for our skin, and love is exactly what the Japanese beauty routine is about.
The most recent products we have been testing, apart from amazing Ruhaku, which we recently wrote about in our blog, are by Makanai and MitomoMakanaiExquisite Moisturising Face Cream feels luxurious and soft and doesn’t leave an oily film on my skin. It’s suitable for all skin types and uses all natural ingredients that have been proven to improve the skin since ages. The frankincense scent makes me feel super zen and I think I will definitely buy their renowned hand cream. After lunch I use the Makanai Mattifying Blotting Paper on my T-zone instead of using powder and I love the effect.
When i have a moment, before going to bed, I like to indulge in a sheetmask. Sterre Rose sent me two delicious sheet masks: The collagen packed Moisturizing Facial Essence Mask and the Rice Leaven Essence Mask from Mitomo.  I tried the collagen mask already and really loved the feel and effect. I am going to save the other one for my beach holiday when my skin will need the extra moisture hardest. Mitomo has a whole collection of sheet masks targeted for every possible skin type and need. Really worth checking out.
If you are not familiar with yet we really advise you to explore, read about the beauty routine and try some of the products. Thanks again, Sterre Rose, for taking us into this new world of beauty!
xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista

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