ByBrown – Rainwear Redefined

Dear Frenchonista’s,

We are proud to introduce Frenchonista as the official ambassador of BYBROWN !

If you read the biography of British born Melanie Brown, the designer and driving force behind the brand, it’s difficult not to be impressed. After graduating from Rietveld in the early 90s she put her stamp on many fashion-forward and sustainable initiatives. She won the prestigious Frans Molenaar Couture Prize in 2002 and in 2015 one of her signature designs, the now famous Raindress, which made Dutch women feel finally fashionable while facing the rain on their bicycles, won the silver award in the International A’Design awards.

When Samia met Melanie the click was instant and we are so very excited about BYBROWN, the brand that succeeds in recycling blended textile waste and turning them into non-conformist but highly wearable and fashionable rainwear. Melanie explains that she became a rainwear specialist out of a personal need to feel protected and look stylish whilst wanting to pursue more sustainable goals within the fashion industry.
“I want a woman to put on BYBROWN and feel empowered, energized and protected, allowing her to express her state of mind in all the extremities that her environment may throw at her”, she says, and boy, does she succeed!

On you can view and purchase her statement pieces and you won’t be sorry. This is definitely high Rain Fashion!

You will see more on our blog in the coming period, so please stay tuned!

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista

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