Carat 23: Man bags that women want to steal!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

Hands together for Carolina Riffi Ollite-Hopman! Her company Carat23 has stylish bags and accessories for phone, laptops and tablets, under which the world’s first Smartbag!!! The designs are classy and masculine and the novelty the Smartbag is patented for is that the extra handle was left out and still there are two ways to wear the bag, with one adjustable handle only! The manner in which the straps can be adjustable is actually part of the design, so it’s both practical and beautiful! Add to that the many other innovative elements and hidden pockets and we clearly have a winner.

Now, we all know that men like smart, slick and uncomplicated, and they need bags because they own laptops and tablets, so a gift from Carat23 is a guaranteed success. More than that, it’s a hidden gift to yourself because once it’ll be in your man’s possession, you’ll find Smart ways to use it as well.
Oh wait. Frenchonista does not want to be the cause of conjugal fights, so a better idea is to buy TWO bags. One for you and one for your man!

Samia got one for her birthday (the Business Blue) and she’s super happy with it.

Check out what we mean on and find the right Smartbag. You have the choice between City Bags, Business Bags, Big Bags and Sleeves. Enjoy!

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista







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