Celez – Passion for Leather

Dear Frenchonista’s,

Take two (very nice) brothers from Amsterdam with a passion for high quality leather and a love for fashion with a luxury feel to it and you get Celez, a Dutch bag brand that screams cosmopolitan.

As you will be able to see on www.celez.nl and as we from Frencbonista were able to also feel when they had their pop-up shop end August in Amsterdam, Celez carries bags we instantly crave. And once you start wearing one (like I have been doing the past two weeks), you feel they were made with love and care. Somehow Celez manages to keep their prices quite competitive while not compromising on style and quality. All bags are the finest quality leather and there’s a large choice in colours too.

So….ladies – or men that want to please ladies – please go online to www.celez.nl and order one of their bags. We were impressed with the look, the finishing, as well as the touch and feel. They have a reversible one (the Odessa) that’s simply amazing, there are shoppers in great colours, chic tote bags and a whole new line of cute smaller bags that totally do the trick when you want to go out dancing.

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista




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