Chanel – ring any bell – Rebelle

Dear Frenchonista’s,

Aah, Chanel; the undeniable classic fashion icon everyone knows. If not for her perfume it’s for her distinguished jackets which don’t even need a label in order to be recognised.
These jackets will never grow old, giving you the stylish and strong feminine look other women desire to have.
The good news is: you CAN have it! ‘Rebelle’; vintage designer luxury reseller, has these jackets in various styles and colours.
The jacket was first designed in 1954 and has not lost its glamour along the years.
Designed by a classy woman, for classy women, everything has been thought of, even shorter sleeves so you can also show off your bracelet.

Check out the site and see the collection available on :

What better way to end this blog than by leaving you with a quote from Coco Chanel:
“ Every day is a fashion show and the World is the runway”

Xoxo Sanne Emans for Frenchonista

Romy Schneider

Jeanne Moreau and Coco Chanel


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