Cointreau – Fizz on!

Dear Frenchonista’s.

It’ll be good weather next weekend, people, we are waiting for this rain to pass, so why not organize a “Second Welcoming To Spring” party and make sure to prepare a nice pitcher of Cointreau Fizz!

Need we remind you how to Cointreau Fizz? No problem:

-50 ml of Cointreau
-Juice of 1/2 fresh lime
-Sparkling water

Of course there are lots of ways to vary…with mint, cucumber, basil, raspberries…hmmm…why not a bit of fresh chilly (not for the faint hearted, only for you spicy Frenchonista’s out there!)

Anyway, we LOVE Cointreau and we always have them present at our events, like recently at our glammy VIP photo shoot. Good drinks make pictures better. Actually, they make everything better! 😉

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista




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