Crocs: A new twist on Comfort!

Dear Frenchonista’s

Imagine you receive an email from your boss in order to attend a morning meeting, and the meeting results to be an adorable invitation to a Yoga Session. That is simply, the best internship ever!
The life of a fashion intern can sometimes be quite stressful. However, working for Frenchonista is literally, living the dream. I was invited to a wonderful Yoga Session at the even more wonderful Nieuwe Yogaschool in Amsterdam. This yoga paradise is located in a centric, yet calmed, location; and both the installations and their offer are impeccable.
In a group of inspiring and beautiful young ladies, the Nieuwe Yogaschool introduced us to a world of peace and total relax with the new flexible Crocs Stretch Sole Collection. After we tried on those perfect shoes, we were all looking perfect, and ready to start yoga!
For all of you who have tried yoga, tai-chi or gym-stretch, it’s really hard to find the right shoes to train, which is why we all end wearing socks. I was amazed by the new Crocs. Its sole adheres perfectly and it’s flexible enough to follow the complete moves of your feet. Whether you’re trying to relax or stretching in a very challenging position, your crocs won’t let you down.
As for the interior, they are really comfortable. It feels great to be wearing crocs, and thanks to their lovely design in different and versatile colors, you can wear them anywhere and feel stylish!
The yoga session turned out to be the best possible start for a lovely day, filling us with joy and energy. At the end of the session, we could enjoy wonderful smoothies to refill our energies at the wonderful bar of the Nieuwe Yogaschool, a temple of health for both the body and mind!
Now, I’m ready to rock my crocs and make the most of the day!

Mar, A lucky Intern

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