ECOstyle – The best for my baby!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

Yes, I got your attention, right? Does Samia have a baby?! Yup, and his name is Chico.

If you know me or follow me only a little bit you will know I love my dog and for a while I have been looking for the best nutrition for him. The thing is, he often suffers from stomach problems and has joint issues as well. Like with us humans, nutrition is key to a dogs’ general wellbeing. So now I am introducing my oh so picky baby to an all natural brand of dog nutrition and it’s called ECOstyle. Animal Care by ECOstyle focuses on feeding our beloved pooches with all natural products. I think many brands are promising this nowadays (just like they do for humans..) and there’s so much crap out there, so before starting to use it I did some research and I found that indeed, it’s all natural and contains herbs that animals benefit from, as well. After having read reviews from people using ECOstyle for animals that were often sick and that it helped them a lot, I was really convinced and now my sweety is on a new diet!

I was really happy to receive some trial packages from ECOstyle before Chico and I decided on the best products for him. Now we are using the “Maag en Darm” and “Spieren en Gewrichten”. We just started the food transformation process, so I will keep you fellow dog lovers informed on Chico’s health status, but the first impression is: “Woof woof, I want more!”

In case you already know the brand, do try their latest product, the “traktaties”, an extra treat for your favourite pet!

Stay tuned for updates on Instagram!!


xoxo Samia

chico eco style

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