EnergyCode – No more bad hair days!!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

Recently I’ve had the pleasure to try out the EnergyCode concept by System Professional.
Personalised Haircare with System Professional allows you to do extensive tests at a System Professional salon but you can do a quick test on the Web as well. The test provides you with your own personal EnergyCode that let’s you select the haircare routine for you!

Because I know you ladies don’t have all the time in the world, I tested the Web test experience for you. I went to, did the test and received my own personalised EnergyCode. On basis of the EnergyCode I received three products tailored to my hair type.

I have to say it has been a great experience. First of all, I was sure from the start that I was not using random products. Now that I have my own profile with System Professional I will always be able to tap into anything new they come up with while knowing it will fit my own needs. And obviously I can order my products right away, so, yes, I am sold!

Let me share my findings on the three products I tested:
Color Save Shampoo: I will stick with this one, because it does what it promises. My coloured and curly hair has been retaining its shine and colour since I started using the product and I love that it has beeswax as a core ingredient. No dullness whatsoever! Another thing I love, especially in summer, is that it has a UV filter.
Alpha Energy: This is a hair and scalp energizer. I massaged it all through my hair and on my scalp and the feeling is extremely cooling, so that’s already a big plus. The energizer promises stronger hair after three months use and famous hairdressers have been recommending it to their customers with weak and fine hair. My curls are starting to become bouncier and bouncier already from the start of the three month period. A keeper.
Smoothen mask: Last but not least, I got the smoothen mask. The mask is for the hair, not the scalp. Anyone with curls knows how bad your hair can look and feel when it’s frizzy and how difficult it can be to style. I applied the mask, left it on for 5 minutes and rinsed it well (that part is important, rinse it out well!). It really worked wonders against frizz and I think it smells great. My hair is smooth and easy to detangle.

I really recommend you go do the test and get your own EnergyCode. It would be great if you could let me know which products you got and how they worked for you!

xoxo Samia


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