Excellent by Lavertu: The Thinking Lipstick

Dear Frenchonista’s,

We recently discovered a great new lipstick. Excellent is a lipstick that changes color on Your skin. Once applied, it will not transfer to cups and glasses. It’s a super long lasting lipstick and available in 4 different shades. Excellent lipstick assumes a personal hue, reacting to your skin. Therefore, your color is unique, because we are all special. And did we mention they are full of vitamins as well?

Samia got all 4 lipsticks and is totally hooked! Lavertu explained how to best test the shades (so, if you want to test them in the shops before you buy them, pay attention!). The best way to test the different colours is to put the 4 shades on your arm under your wrist, wipe the lipstick twice (once forward and once back) on your skin and wait for around 10 seconds, if you want more colour you can repeat it again.

Go to the webshop on www.lavertu.nl and order your own set!

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista,

Dutch Actress Carolien Spoor is also hooked!

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Excellent lipstick

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