Eye Wear You – How polette is conquering the optical world

Dear Frenchonista’s,

When it comes to prescription glasses we spend ages choosing because they are expensive and most people own only one pair. Actually we find this quite frustrating because a pair of glasses is such a versatile accessory and fashion changes so fast!

Anyway…this was before we discovered polette. Now that we have polette, we can afford to practically own a pair of glasses for every single outfit! After they were founded in 2011 they immediately had success with their simple, web based ordering system and now they opened a showroom and a shop in Amsterdam as well (in the 9 streets and in the Kinkerstraat) so we can try on all those trendy models before we order them. Or we can just order at home because their Webshop is so easy to use!

polette has just so many amazing designs to choose from (also for kids!). They totally disrupted the optical world but…how did they do it?!
It’s simple: They sketch and produce frames in-house, there are no intermediaries not unreasonable profit margins. They have a factory in Shanghai and work with connected showrooms and shops. It’s all really simple and straightforward.

And we? We just happy we don’t have to hold back and think conservative anymore! We won’t be saying no to a pair of creative or coloured glasses because we are worried they aren’t generic enough to fit our every mood and look. We can experiment and Samia has started to do just that!

Check it all out on www.polette.com and…..start experimenting!

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista












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