Fillers by Oran – Beauty at the right dosage

Dear Frenchonista’s,

Are you looking for a way to improve your look in a dramatic yet natural way? Are you afraid to trust someone putting fillers or even Botox in you but are you somehow dying to do something? Then hesitate no more because we would like to introduce you to Oranes, a natural beauty herself, and a doctor. She started her business “Fillers by Oran” some time ago and she is committed to the needs of every single customer personally.

We love that she listens to her customers but does not blindly do what they ask. She will give her own professional opinion about the expected end result by looking at who you are and how your natural beauty could be enhanced. We have seen so many amazing results, live and on her Facebook and Instagram pages (check out Fillers by Oran on FB and Instagram).

So if you want to achieve the famous duck face, the one size fits all lips, the exaggerated cheekbones so many celebrities made the mistake of getting….don’t go see Oranes. But do go if you want to achieve a better version of yourself that just can’t be achieved by sleeping a bit longer, by brushing your lips with your softest toothbrush or by piling on layers of make-up. And let it be your secret.

Samia was always against anything to do with things being injected into her skin and only went to see Oranes because she found out about her natural approach. And, voila’, you can see the result for yourself…a secret that will remain between Samia and Oranes.

Xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista



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