Finally Loveli!!! Where have you been all my life?!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

Wouldn’t you agree that the search for the perfect deodorant is like the quest for the perfect jeans or the perfect mascara? And then when you find it, it’s almost like you can strike one item off your bucket list?
Well, we found it, and with it, some very valuable knowledge about the difference between normal sweat and stress induced sweat.

For us it happened when, after a lovely drive through the Dutch countryside, we met up with the even more lovely Maureen van Aken, the founder of Pure Beauty PR. She explained to us that not only do you sweat many times more when under stress but also that it’s a different type of sweat and much more likely to resist the functionality of most deodorants.

That’s where Loveli comes in. Loveli contains zinc oxide and that’s exactly the ingredient that converts the fatty acids into odorless zinc salts. A big added value is that Loveli deodorants don’t contain aluminum, because the main mission of the Loveli brand is to get rid of all the chemicals in beauty and care products!

Anyway, sceptical at first – because, let’s face it, how many deodorants have we tried in our lives and how many ended up letting us down! – we took our samples home and we are now more than happy to say we are completely converted: Thanks Maureen, Loveli does the job!

Important to know: Loveli comes in different scents and also has a version for sensitive skin, which our writer swears by. Our next step is to stock up on the Loveli minis for our holiday and try the other chemical free Loveli products. Your next step should be to check out and get your own preferred Loveli deodorant.

Team Frenchonista

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