Fitflop: Comfy and Elegant summer!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

Since sandals are one of the trends of this summer (yeah! Sometimes trends can be beautiful AND comfortable!) we thought we’d do some research for you on the subject. If you’re planning to buy some why not go for those that fit perfectly and tone your legs and derriere at the same time? Fitflop has a wide range of choices in lots of different styles. Some of them are water friendly too so they take you from beach to (beach) bar and even further, if you’re not stuck on wearing heels (think long summer dress with flats).

Marcia Kilgore, the inventor of Flipflop, has introduced this sandal in 2007 and soon everyone famous who was seen wearing them seemed to have a great ass. Just saying..
So is it because of the Flipflops only? Probably not. Do they help? Yes, it has been proven that Flipflops makes you exercise the muscles that count, while you are just walking around. That and the fact that they are cute is enough for us to put a pair on our wish list for this summer!

Take a look on mes amies!

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista




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