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Dear Frenchonista’s,

Recently we were lucky enough to be invited for a hannah Xperience session in their beautiful headquarters in Voorthuizen. I myself was familiar with the hannah skin improvement concept and I knew it would be worthwhile to share it with all of you, also because all over the Netherlands you can find beauty salons certified to work with hannah. My goal was to get enough information for our readers and I was also curious to test how similar the “headquarter approach” would be to getting a treatment in another hannah certified beauty salon. Last but not least I was obviously really looking forward to getting a great treatment! 🙂

I was welcomed on the hannah premises by skin coach Chantal. We went through an extensive questionnaire and she took pictures of my skin. Based on my answers she gave me some instant tips on what I could easily change in my lifestyle to help my skin. Then the Xperience started.

The hannah Xperience starts with a detailed skin analysis. Chantal measured the moisture level, the fat level and the ph-value of my skin and explained where I was off and where I was good. I was mainly off on moisture and I know I have to focus on drinking more water and less coffee.

Then the treatment continued with the 5 steps of the hannah Xperience: Cleansing – Peeling – Stimulation – Recovery – Protection. After cleansing with the hannah Cleansing Oil (a product I love) and taking away the impurities, many nice relaxing hot towels later – I love those – we were ready for the “Peeling” part. hannah’s Enzymatic Skin Peeling has always been one of my favourites and the way the Skin Coach applies it is great, a promise of the next phase, the “Stimulation”: The deep tissue-massage of the face.

Hannah’s philosophy is to exploit the full potential of the skin instead of going for unnatural fixes, and one important part of their treatment is their own deep-tissue face massage which takes care of metabolic waste and improves circulation. The massage really works to prevent wrinkles and acne and on the long run reduces scars and fine lines. Any product we put on our face also works much better if the circulation is unblocked – this is obvious, but we don’t realise it when we faithfully slap on all our serums and creams. During the massage Chantal and I immediately noticed where her fingers easily rolled though the skin of my face and where it was hard and even a bit sensitive. I would say that Chantal was the fysio therapist of my face that day and I sure know I needed one!

So…I reached all my goals:
I had a great treatment and went home with a healthy glow, a relaxed feeling, and I got my own hannah Skin Passport listing the tested values so I can actively measure improvement next time I will visit a hannah skin coach.
I can now also officially confirm that the hannah Xperience is the indeed the same in all certified salons. In fact after the Xperience I had a talk with Rana van Piggelen, the General Manager of hannah, and she confirmed that all the skin coaches come back to “the mothership” at least twice a year for updates and refresh courses.

What more can I tell you? hannah means business and if you want the focus to be on your skin more than on zen music and aroma therapy in a candle-lit environment, hannah is the formula for you.

On basis of the analysis the skin coach selected the products my skin needs and I got them to take home, so stay tuned for my findings while I am diligently testing 🙂

And until then….check out for more info and find a skin coach (hannah huidcoach) near you if you are interested to try it. And DO let us know how it was!

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista









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