Get one of this year’s must have hair do’s just right with AVEDA!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

As also seen in Stella Mc Cartney’s pre-fall shows, the simple but super elegant pony tail is one of the looks to get right this year. The products that she used were Aveda and since that happens to be one of our favourites for hair, let’s give you the steps on how to get the most beautiful pony tail:

Step 1: After prepping hair with a shampoo and conditioner mist towel-dried hair with Pure Abundance™ Style Prep™ in small sections.

Step 2: With a fine-tooth comb, blow dry hair back and away from the face.

Step 3: Taking top sections of the hair, clip hair to the sides to focus attention to the under layers of hair. With a 1” curling iron, loosely curl the under layers of hair, half way to the head. Pull and twist curls to create natural looking waves and set with a light mist of Air Control™ Hair Spray.

Step 4: Gather hair in a loose ponytail at the nape and secure tight with an elastic that matches the hair.

Step 5: With five drops of Dry Remedy™ Daily Moisturizing Oil emulsified in palms of the hand, gently muss up the ends of the pony-tail and top of the hair for a naturally messy appearance that shows the dimension of the hair’s shine.

Step 6: Set the final look with Air Control™ Hair Spray.

The products mentioned are all AVEDA, so get them online or at your preferred Aveda stocking hairdresser. They might even let you try it out then and there! If you are not blessed with long hair, AVEDA has amazing shampoos and the new products are great for short hair looks as well.

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista

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