Get that Payot-glow!

Breaking news, dear Frenchonistas! Payot, the Parisian cosmetic brand that was started nearly a century ago by feisty feminist doctor Nadia Payot, has developed a skincare line that is absolutely tailor-made for stylish, smartphone-carrying, kick-ass ladies like us. You see, spending a minimum of 6 hours daily in front of screens is more damaging than we might think: all that exposure to blue light messes up our biorhythms and ages our skin. Bring in Payot’s genius ‘Blue Techni Liss’, a range of fabulous-smelling care that protects during the day and stimulates regeneration during the night. With ingredients like silk tree extract, chaste tree berry and a combination of two hyaluronic acids, each product is like the perfect cocktail (or supersmoothie, in case you’re a #fitgirl) for your skin. While sipping bright blue cocktails at a star-studded Dylan Hotel, we got to play around with all the different products from the revolutionary line: a plumping serum, a smoothing gel and cream and a gel-like, regenerating nighttime balm in a gorgeous, deep blue hue. But what caused the most excitement amongst the select group of beauty junkies was the ‘Blue Techni Liss’ 100% natural sheet mask. Renewing your skin’s texture, it promises 11.5% fewer wrinkles after just one 15-minute application! Before we could say “Yeah! Who needs Botox?”, Samia had volunteered to try out the mask, right there and then. Afterwards, a ‘certain someone’ could not resist Samia’s afterglow and happily posed for a picture with us… (scroll down to see who). Thank you, Payot!

Beertje Van Beers for Frenchonista


‘Your reporter, under the spell of Payot’s blue light-battling power.’
📸 Sean Palermo


‘Frenchonista’s Samia before…’


‘…and after, Vito, who couldn’t resist Samia’s luminous Payot-glow.’

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