Go out and shine!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

We can finally go out and play and show ourselves again! Don’t feel bad if you didn’t give your skin the attention it deserves during all this ‘whocareswhatIlooklike’ phase, because No7 will make your skin glow and shine once again.
‘Radiance’ being the keyword in all their products, best describes what these products will do, as radiant is how you will look using these beautiful products.
Vitamine C is their nr. 1 ingredient, which will give your skin a boost and feeling new.
The serum has a fresh lemony summer smell and will burst your complection open, getting rid of the dullness of your skin.
The moisturiser does exactly that, no more dryness and an instant re-energizing, exactly what we all need for the first rays of sun.
For the complete treatment, combine all the products to get a perfect result.
So go out and play, but not without trying No7 first!

Xoxo Sanne Emans & Samia Taïka for Frenchonista

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