The hannah Recipe – I’m a believer!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

It’s been a month after my hannah Xperience and I have been testing the products that they recommended for my skin religiously! I have to admit I already was a hannah fan and I got to know and love some of their amazing products over the past years. This time, however, I was given the chance to use 6 products; 5 of which I used every morning and evening, all in sequence! I will tell you about my experience and I won’t forget the 6th product, the Enzymatic Skin Peeling, that can be used once a week or as a treatment, every evening, for a week or so.

First of all, I want to specify that a hannah skin coach assessment will advise you on the products you should use and in which sequence, so I would definitely recommend you find a hannah skin coach in a salon near you and go for a treatment before just buying products randomly. That said, I have the sensitive combination skin type, and suffer from clogged pores at times so skincare is pretty important to me. I’m also in my forties so moisturising is be an important part of my routine. If you recognise anything of yourself in my description, some of the products may benefit you as well, so stay with me!

Step 1 is obviously a clean skin. I have always thought that because my skin is quite oily I should clean it with gel or foam but the Cleansing Oil is much better and its mild formula is great for sensitive skin as well. I then use the Sensitive Skin Lotion (which can be also used on the eyes as a treatment against tired eyes and bags or dark circles!) and finally I finish off with the Vitamin Complex spray. The lotion is good and has that typical hannah scent that I adore. The spray is refreshing and has great moisturising qualities. I like the vitamin boosting effect (vitamins A, E and F really do penetrate the skin) and the big additional advantage is that afterwards I really need a minimal amount of moisturiser. I find the Personal Choice moisturiser a very good choice for my skin because on one side it works against active sebaceous glands and thus against clogged pores. On the other hand it is also good for aging skin and it contains a stable form of vitamin C that stimulates creation of collagen. As a finishing touch I use the Brilliant Touch which again works well on aging skin and also has a powder that reflects light, and actively combats dilated pores and too much shine. I noticed that on days in which I do not feel like wearing make-up, the Brilliant Touch already gives me a healthy look. You can also use it at night but I really want it to last long so I have been using it once a day only. I have tried Touch of Colour as well, another product of the hannah “Touch” line, and I liked it, but Brilliant Touch so far is my favourite. If your skin is slightly drier, Touch of Colour will work perfectly for you as well and can totally replace your make-up.

The 6th product I used is the Enzymatic Skin Peeling. This is literally one of my absolute favourite products in the world. It’s a peeling that works right away, it really does, and it can be used on the whole face, including the eye zone and the neck. It tingles after I massage it in – you just feel it working – and afterwards my skin always looks and feels completely regenerated and super soft. I use it before bed or a few hours before going out, not right before leaving the house, because my skin is typically a little bit red for the first 30 minutes after the peeling. My challenge is still to use it for 7 days in a row without fail.

Frenchonista’s, I have been very satisfied so far. My skin reacts great to the products after only one month and it the most visible difference for now is it colour of my skin; it looks less dull and the total outlook of my pores seems a little better as well. My test continues because the products have not finished yet and most of them definitely will earn themselves a permanent place in my bathroom.

More on – also to find your nearest hannah skin coach.

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista


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