Hoda Magazine Bloggers event!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

Samia and Ovo went to Hoda Magazine’s third bloggers event and they had a blast! Hoda’s Magazine is made especially for the stylish Moroccan-Dutch ladies among us and is going strong! Great Arabian and Western fashion (with or without head scarf) and, well, all the other things we women want to read about!
The event was organized by our girl Hoda Hamdaoui, of course (after whom Frenchonista named one of her most gorgeous clutches!), very talented founder and editor-in-chief at Hoda magazine. It was yummy (great food), tantalizingly perfumed (arabian fragrances), instructive (lots of interesting information about entrepreneurship, especially in Veenendaal but also beyond), Fashionable (Hazanah fashion) and lots and lots more…

We had a great time and are cheering for many more years of Hoda Magazine!

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xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista

The Host! Powerful woman!

Beautiful women…Hoda Hamdaoui and Ovo Drenth!

Stylish Hijabista! Samia was impressed!

Hoda’s team members! Including Dear Hafsa!

T-Safe members was also present with their amazing explanation about anti conception …go check their web site http://www.t-safe.nl!
T-Safe offered chocolate for the occasion and she says she never had such delicious chocolate in her whole life….Caramel and White chocolate! Her favourites…

Define group was also present for free advises. Friendly Men! Get your own Advises here http://www.definegroup.nl

If you like Arabian Scent, you must like Arabian Fragrances! for home and yourself http://www.arabianfragrances.nl

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