Hotspot: Boca’s Park

Dear Frenchonista’s.

Right in the middle of the Pijp, where Samia lives, you will find this new Amsterdam hotspot for lunch and dinner. The concept is simple and very delicious and inspired by Spain (owners Maarten, Philip and Miguel have lived there for a while). At lunch they serve an array of amazingly yummy sandwiches. The great thing is that there’ a menu at your table on which you can easily select the small sized sandwiches (35 of them!!), by checking them on the list, and so you can try more than one (which is what you’ll want, believe me!).

In the evening they have big platters of meat, cold cuts, fish, vegetarian dishes all combined with lovely bread and wine. The atmosphere is laid back and you can even eat at the bar. Imagine warm weather outside and you’ll think you’re in Madrid.

Go try it asap, people! Boca’s Park can be found on Sarphatipark 4. You can find them on Facebook as well!

You Can also Find a Boca’s Restaurant in the Jordaan!

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista






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