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Dear Frenchonista’s,

In our efforts to keep you informed of the best beauty salons and Skin Therapy Clinics for our followers, Samia took a trip to Haarlem. You will have seen the Instagram story flying by some weeks ago, when Samia entered the oasis that is the home base of Image Skincare Benelux in the Netherlands. If not, go check it now in our Highlights section on Insta. She was welcomed by Amber Grace who did a thorough intake to determine the treatments best suited to Samia’s skin. Right away they started with the Signature Face Lift, a peeling with vitamin C and glycolic acid and it immediately seemed to improve the texture and overall look of her face. She came back home glowing and feeling like a princess!

A few weeks later, with the products she brought home, gradually more and more improvement is showing so Samia’s journey will definitely continue.

We from Frenchonista concluded that Image Skincare is a brand that effectively combines the products, the treatments and the consultations for everyone who wants to achieve a better looking skin. They address skin problems, big and small, in a personalized and caring way – you never feel like a number. The Haarlem salon is crisp and calm, the skin therapists are expert and friendly. The treatments they offer are paramedical (no botox or fillers for now, but treatments like peelings, laser treatments).

We really like that they offer tailored solutions that you can continue at home, that they are easy to contact (you can even chat on ( and their products are of amazing quality, very high end. More to come as our journey continues!

Xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista

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