IVY & LIV: Jewelry for women with a capital W

Dear Frenchonista’s,

Gwen and Suzanne from new PR agency Image PR have introduced us to a beautiful new jewelry brand that we couldn’t wait to introduce to you. IVY & LIV makes subtle but strong jewelry that fit women who on one hand like to celebrate their femininity and on the other aren’t afraid to show their strength. And that’s just what we Frenchonista’s are all about!

IVY & LIV are the alter egos of Isabella and Fleur, whose characters and creative inspiration have blended into pure designs that we love. Their new collection is called Fireflies who, as you all know, have the wondrous ability to create light from within themselves. It will be presented in May, in a secret location in Amsterdam, and we got some previews for you!

Good to know: IVY & LIV use precious metals only. The pieces are small but they are…THERE! We’re talking statement pieces that make you feel precious and ready to travel around the world, like fierce fairies!

Take a look at some previews of Fireflies and check out their website at www.ivyandliv.com for their current collections!

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista








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