Jeans centre for denim addicts

Dear Frenchonista’s,

Nostalgia, that’s the word that immediately comes to my mind when I think of
Jeans Centre. I think every person over 25 who grew up in the Netherlands knows
this store. Remember the green bike always parked outside the shop?
Or the enormous piles of jeans in different colors, designs and (almost) all sizes?

Jeans Centre exists now for 40 years, was a bit of “not done”, but now back again…
and oh boy really back again! Btw the green bike is still there, but now inside on the
wall surrounded by denim products. The jeans wall is back too: with luckily loads of
skinny’s (please don’t go), slims and (another comeback) the bootleg!

The industrial cold vibe is replaced by warm homey touches. Beautiful pots with
lovely green plants, a coffee corner and a real old-fashioned sewing machine. So
when you buy your jeans, it can be (in my case) shortened. And while you’re waiting
for your jeans or at the fittingroom you can sip on your latte of get your spicy
espresso. What else?

Xoxo Frenchonista






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