Keep your bags in shape with KissaBag…and show them off at the same time!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

We wish you a Happy New Year on this first Blogpost of 2013!

Do you have some new year resolutions? A famous one is when we solemnly vow to reorganize our house, file more and keep our wardrobe as if we were Carrie Bradshaw after the Big wedding. I for one have it on my list. A good beginning is to start taking care of our handbags, which is very easy if we use the inserts of Kissabag!

Kissabag has three sizes of inserts to fit every kind of bag. The insert looks and feels like a cushion and with it comes a scented charcoal sachet, to keep our bags fresh and free of excess moisture. KissaBag protects the shape of our bag, and keep it free from ugly creases.

A perk is that if you like putting your bags on a shelf when you’re not using them, or anywhere else where you can actually see them, thanks to the KissaBag inserts you can!

Check on for addresses where to buy or order directly on their Webshop.

xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista

Samia Likes Supple Leather Bags. Kiss a Bag Is Perfect for her collection!

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