Lady’s Secret, for your feet only!

Dear Frenchonistas,

What is Lady’s Secret?
Well It is A Feet saver! if you ask me!
High or low pumps Lovers can finally walk without pain!

Lady’s Secret thought of us by creating some fashionalble products that it is worth wearing in your fashionable shoes.
FINI! Over! Basta! the ugly tapes/Dressing! Your shoes deserve better!!

Wilfred and his wife had this brilliant idea of representing this brand in the Benelux.
It is just a matter of time until all the fashionistas get addicted.
It is simply a must have in your shoes and clutch!

You can order here

and follow them on facebook here

See pictures Below!
Soon a new post about Lady’s secret lovers! Stay Tuned!

XoXo Frenchonista!

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