Later aan Zee

Dear Frenchonista’s,

I love starting my day at the beach. Taking my bike in the morning and cycling to Bloemendaal or Zandvoort. A walk along the seaside in the bright morning light, hearing the waves and the birds, maybe some yoga exercises…..
Having said that, I love ending my day at the beach as well. We have had the most amazing sea sunsets during these past weeks with beautiful weather. One could be perfectly happy just like that.
But of course things get even better with some food and drinks.
A couple of nights ago we sat down at Bistro & Grill Later aan Zee in Bloemendaal. Very, very nice and reasonably priced food, friendly service, great surroundings. Written on the palisade of their outside terrace I read:
Do not postpone enjoying life until later
Later might come earlier than expected, and then you may be too late
That sounded a bit sinister on this beautiful summer night where joy and laughter filled the air.
But of course it is true. And I erased the thought of having to get up early the next morning from my mind and surrendered to the summer evening.

Xoxo Janine Sloof for Frenchonista Later aan Zee

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