The Legend of the Golden Helmet

Dear Frenchonista’s,

We have a new role model!
It is Brandee, the amazing girl who wants to be a firefighter. Brandee is a dreamer, a doer, a go-getter AND the cute heroine of the new (children’s) book by Sharon Wünsch and my favourite Dutch illustrator, the multitalented Martine Brand.
Together with her friend Jet and her little dog Fooks, Brandee experiences many adventures and learns a lot about fire safety at the same time.
The first Brandee book, The Legend of the Golden Helmet (De legende van de gouden helm) will be presented beginning of October on the fire company congress in the Children park at the Efteling.
Check out their website for more details!

XoXo Frenchonista
Ps: the book is written in dutch

brandee op bed spreekbeurt online resolutie

Brandee pr foto cropt online resolutie

Brandee ziet schip naderen

bakkersvrouw op balkon vlammend dak



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