Dear Frenchonista’s,

If ever I were to be asked to draft a list of legendary brands, Montblanc would be on it. I too own and deeply cherish a Montblanc pen and I too get a special feeling when seeing their clean and sweet logo – the white flower.
If you are busy drafting your Christmas (or Sinterklaas) shopping lists already (I mean, let’s not forget about the pleasure of gifting, especially in these trying times!) do as Samia did and gift the newest scent by Montblanc to your beloved man, brother or father. Montblanc Legend Eau de Parfum for men’s bottle is beautiful and strong, The scent is aromatic, and many hours after a person leaves the room it still lingers. Samia gave it to her father and he is very happy with it.

Quick summary of the build-up of the scent:
Top notes: Violet leaves and bergamot
Middle notes: Wood, Magnolia and Jasmine
Base notes: Oakmoss and Leather

xoxo Liza Brouwer and Samia Taïka for Frenchonista

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