The Make-up Absolute is Lancôme

Dear Frenchonista’s,

When there’s no way to buy the perfect new outfit for that spur of the moment party or date, please don’t fret. And we’ve said it many times before: go for the timeless little black dress (or suit!) and be sure to wear the perfect accessories. Among the essential accessories that make any simple outfit shine are the right jewellery, a perfect skin and beautiful lips.

Samia typically stays true to her Rouge Absolu of the L’Absolu make-up line by Lancome. Somehow Lancome lipsticks (and nail polishes, for that matter) always seem to win when it comes to color and moisture at the same time. Lancome has always been innovative without losing her touch of French classic glamour to cheap trends and we re so happy about that!

For highlighting Samia chooses Click and Glow, also by Lancome. It’s super easy to use and it can be used in various ways like blending it with foundation or moisturiser, applying it on various parts of the face for a healthy and dewy glow…and all of this just in one pen, which makes it a definite “always-keep-in-your-bag” item in our opinion.

Looking forward to see what Lancome has in store for us this summer.

Bisous et xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista




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