Martine Brand exhibition still on until 24 May!!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

If you are one of our religious followers, we don’t have to tell you that we have been a fan of painter and illustrator Martine Brand since day 1. We wrote about her when she came out with her amazing book of fashion drawings in combination with the beautiful photography of Bruno Bisang.

Last year she had a successful exhibition at the Rademakers Gallery in Amsterdam and this year they were lucky enough to have her again, in an amazing solo exhibition that has now been extended until 24 May, because of the great success it is having.

Samia went to the opening on 16 April and felt right at home with the fashion illustrations she so loves and was also very impressed, as we all should be, by her oil on wood paintings, inspired by the old masters. She is so versatile, it’s incredible. We knew before, but now the whole world knows (she’ll be exhibiting in St Petersburg after this, by the way, in the Konstantin Palace): This beautiful and talented woman will not stop to amaze us!

Great work, Martine, we from Frenchonista wish you a memorable trip to Russia and we urge everyone to visit the Rademakers Gallery this month.

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xoxo Liza Brouwer for Frenchonista





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