Merry Xmas Guaranteed!

Dear Frenchonista’s,

Ho ho ho! My Christmas tree is UP, my friends!! It’s one of my favourite moments of the year and this year even more because I got some very special decorations from the Merryxmasshop (De Kerstwinkel in the Eerste van der Helststraat 13-15 in my very own hood – De Pijp in Amsterdam!).

I’m so in love with this shop!! The whole atmosphere is amazing, just pure feel-good. They have extraordinary decorations, not only the classical balls and angels but…well, anything really, go see for yourself. The decorations that I chose really represent me and are now proudly hanging in my tree, and will be for the years to come: The hand of Fatima, a beautiful blue eye, a lightning bolt, a red lipstick (!), a palm tree and a flamingo (I looove flamingos).

If they would have a coffee corner in the shop I would stay there for hours and celebrate my own Merry Christmas every single day of the week until new year’s eve.

xoxo Samia

My choice

In the shop!!!




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